Sneufoto is a visual compendium of my work as a photographer and filmmaker. Since 2003 I have been studying, exploring, experimenting, and creating photos, films, videos, and other designed imagery. While I have lately worked mostly with digital tools, I have a special place in my heart for analog methods, especially the darkroom. Several of the content on this site is done with film of various sizes (35mm, 4x5, super 16mm, etc).

The world around us is made up of millions of images and things to see, both natural and created. We are so saturated with photographs, advertisements, videos, and websites that we often don't see the real beauty around us. As an artist, I want to highlight those small beautiful moments.  

This main idea is apparent throughout the site. Many of my photographs deal with small moments, objects, and landscapes. The films, as well, consider small, personal stories.

Sara Neufeld