Figment Newton

After years of friendship, Milo has something very important to tell his best friend, Newton. Newton does not take it well...

This short film, created by Michael Barron and Sara Neufeld, was shot on a combination of super-16mm film and digital video, with analog sound production. We wanted to play with the black-and-white/color flashback dynamic and use analog technology in and increasingly digital world.

A Day For Danny

Danny's life was simple. He lived and worked alongside his mother and harbored a small crush on the nice girl at work. Danny lived in a world that tolerated, but didn't quite understand his disability. He had learned to cope, until one day when everything changed. 

"A Day for Danny" was created and shot in Prague, Czech Republic by students of FAMU International, an international program at the city's university for film and television. After several iterations and rewrites, the film was finalized with a significantly darker tone than originally planned.

A Pyrrhic Victory

A typical morning for two friends who love to compete, regardless of the consequences. 

This nearly dialogue-free short was created during a 48 hour film festival in southern Czech Republic, known as CinemaDance. Groups and roles were assigned randomly and every few hours the rules could change. The film's crew was made up of four people from an international community of FAMU students, and the actors spoke almost no English.